This morning, as I tuned into today’s waning Virgo Moon in the Vedic star of Hasta, I received a vision of myself reaching up into a dark, starry sky as if preparing to receive something very meaningful and very new. 

At the start of 2020 I set an intention to focus more deeply on self love.

This looked like making a deeper commitment to physical self care practices, taking a gentler day to day attitude with myself and allowing myself to be more accepting of my perfect imperfect nature.

Life is never a straight trajectory from A to B but it’s a fact that loving ourselves more mindfully in simple ways always results in feeling more balanced, fulfilled and present with others, especially the ones we love.

Now that January 2021 is upon us and once again I’m reflecting on my intentions for another year, I find myself inspired to focus intensely on a branch of self love that requires us to feel more deeply into the roots and reach for clearer, higher vision – self knowledge.

To know ourselves is to love ourselves!

If we want to manifest a deeply connected, lasting love relationship with someone who’s a perfect fit so that we can access higher levels of this Ascension adventure, the path of self knowledge is where we’re called.

If we want to manifest fulfilling purpose work that sparkles with creative expression and brings solid material reward, the path of self knowledge is where we must tread.

I wonder…

How many of us really know who we are? How many of us truly take the time to discover ourselves?

How many of us will commit to the infinite nature of self exploration? It requires persistence and consistency because we change organically and the psyche and Soul continually evolve.

And I don’t just mean the superficial stuff like our lifestyle preferences or the things we’ve pinned on our vision board (although I know those things have their significance, of course).

The kind of self knowledge I’m talking about here is the kind that’s encoded in the core of the heart because when we discover it we orient ourselves in the direction of our unique kind of joy.  

It’s Soul purpose. Soul signature. It’s self expression. It’s the way we’re meant to create and co-create. How we’re meant to contribute, what we’re here to learn and how we’re meant to grow. 

It’s a path for the brave and the curious – that’s who I’m discovering I am.

It’s also how we must make space, what we choose to let go of, how we take action and the way we surrender to change.

Ultimately, we each have one true mission in this life – to be ourselves, only ourselves.

So that’s the flavour of my intention for 2021 – received with Virgoan clarity from Chandra (Mother Moon) today.

I’m inspired to know the next level of myself and love every precious moment of the path of self knowledge.

This year I’ll be spiralling deeper and higher into ME and all the practices I choose, engage in and share will support this Divine cause.

I’d love to invite you to do the same.

An infinite number of seeds of new experiences, new opportunities and new aspects of love exist in the field of each and every one of us, waiting patiently to manifest. 

Our self knowledge is like the fertile soil where these seeds will be planted because it guides us to make the highest choices as we craft and nurture our own personal reality.

And what we really know we can trust.

What we really know is both real and true.

Know yourself. Love yourself. What a great recipe for manifestation!

Thanks for supporting me and Namaste!

Rhian xoxo

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