In this article I share 5 key beliefs that helped me manifest Divine Union.

I know that we each have our individual experience and that your story will be different from mine. However, this is what I’m called to share so I trust that someone needs to hear this… and maybe it’s you. 

1) I saw ‘Twin Flame’ as a spiritual calling and a mission.

I always believed this journey is about embodying, anchoring and championing love as a Soul mission that’s much deeper and greater than simply attracting a spiritually aligned life partner. As it’s a mission, I saw that accepting it was a choice but I also saw that as my highest choice, it felt irresistible.

This belief served me because it was initially about my own awakening. What counted for me was the experience of the ‘ripple effect’ of the love of Source on my own life rather than an attachment to a relationship with a specific person. 

When it came to relationships, this helped me know and trust that I would attract love with the awakened Soul who matched my vibrational signature when the fullest alignment between us became possible. I didn’t need to fixate on this because the arrival of that person felt inevitable.

For me, the mission came before the specific person.

If your situation seems like it’s the other way round and you’ve come across the Twin Flame concept because an intense connection with a specific person has impacted your life, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll be presented with the tough ‘lesson of no attachment’ through separation and reunion (although maybe not with that specific person and maybe not in this lifetime). Regardless of the outcome, this lesson is a powerful gift you’ll receive when you choose to accept that this path is your mission.

2) I understood Divine Union starts with the Self.

Whilst, like most people on the Twin Flame journey, I felt the yearning for the relationship experience that we associate with ‘Twin Flame’, I made my healing and Soul work my top priority

I was driven to become ready, willing and available to receive the love I desired in its fullness. My Reiki path is what initially set me on this particular course. I knew that allowing this love to flow through me would expand, multiply and magnetise more of the same in my human experience

I took ownership of my journey and sensed that my personal discovery would create a safe home base from which I could explore this wonderful relationship that I fully believed would be called into my reality.

This isn’t to say that I believed I had to be perfect before I could attract my Divine Partner. There was, and continues to be, work that belongs within the safe container of our relationship. However, I came to see that everything I needed resided within me and that external seeking was futile. This is another gift on the Twin Flame path – the realisation that everything flows within you. I notice the consistency of this shared core belief is one of the reasons why my Union with my Divine Partner is so secure – it’s become part of the unquestionable fabric of our reality.

3) I believed that an energetic connection would facilitate mutual recognition.

I felt the Twin Flame energy around me long before I connected with my Divine Partner in 3D experience. I got to know this energy and merged with it countless times without knowing or needing to know who held this energy signature in the physical world. I just kept going in the knowledge that this would all be revealed.

I always believed that this connection would materialise with Divine Timing and I always knew that we would recognise each other mutually –  there would be no errors of judgement and no resistance to that familiar feeling of coming home.

I feel many people haven’t explored the energetics deeply enough and in this situation it’s easy to manifest a scenario of ‘mistaken identity’ on the Twin Flame journey that brings valuable lessons, but not a Divine Union. 

4) I believed that intense pain, toxicity and separation were unnecessary for a Divine Union.

Unlike many people, I did not hold preconceived ideas that the Twin Flame journey would be a painful unrequited love story or that our connection would be a prolonged drama of running and chasing. I’d been through this in other ways with partners on that low vibrational frequency before my One came into my life.

These things are incompatible with a Divine Union and until they stop a Divine Union cannot be co-created.

I believed with all my heart and Soul that the very point of our physical meeting would be to co-create a Union and that our path would be focused on finding our bliss. 

Since I believed that the essence that flows through the a Divine Union relationship is the unconditional love of Source, I fervently believed that healing, rebalancing and relating would be infused with commitment and compassion that we would share, equally. 

We therefore did not need to cause each other pain in order to learn how to love one another completely or to show each other that we needed to love ourselves. Whatever comes up between us is transformed and transmuted without toxicity, isolation or a prolonged period of abandonment needing to be part of the picture. It was always going to be this way and it always will be.

I know this is why I attracted the One who shared that beautiful belief. We did not need drama, we did not need lies, we did not need rejection, we did not need suffering.

If you believe you’ve met your One but this kind of drama dominates your experience, it’s a growth opportunity that is being presented to you both now. It would only take for you both to choose to do the work so that this can be different in order for the pain to stop. 

5) I believed I was worthy of love.

Learning the tough lessons of childhood and previous relationships brought me to a place in my life where I finally believed I was worthy of love before manifesting my Divine Union. I cannot emphasise enough how important this was, and is, every single moment of every single day. 

When we awaken to this undeniable Soul truth, everything changes. And when you’re both in that sacred space…

Fear is transmuted. Excuses are dissolved. Entitlement emerges. Self expression is unlocked. Giving and receiving feels open and safe. Co-creation is locked in.

It’s up to you!

I know that we each have our individual experience. Your own story may be very different. You may choose to perceive it in a different way that resonates more closely with you. It may be that you have someone in your life to whom you’ve already attached and that this experience has awakened you to the path we call ‘Twin Flame’. I don’t deny the validity of this, if it’s what your Soul chose for you.

There are many manifestations of the Twin Flame experience. But I do believe that no matter what, your Soul will draw your attention to the core lessons so that you shift your paradigm to the essence of Unconditional Love, one way or another.

Whether you’ve met your Twin Flame or not, you’ll still be required to create a reality that supports the manifestation of your Divine Union, if that’s what you desire and that’s what’s meant for you. Perhaps this is where you’re drawn to focus your work?

Until next time

Rhian xoxo

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