In this article, I reveal five little words that could change your perspective on manifesting love forever and tell you how they help when you apply them to your thoughts and behaviours.

‘I Am That, I Am’…

You may be wondering about the meaning of this phrase, because I used it in this week’s YouTube guided hypno-healing featuring the Violet Flame. Read on to find out why it holds profound power when applied to spiritual relationships.

If you’re familiar with the Law Of Attraction, you may have come across the key statement ‘I Am’ and you probably use it in your affirmation practice. ‘I Am’ affirmations help us assert that we are the very energy we wish to embody – we choose it, we become it, we assimilate and match its vibrational frequency. 

For example, ‘I Am Love’ is a way to express that we’re already vibrating on the same frequency as the love we desire. Based on the ‘like attracts like’ principle, this is a very impactful declaration to make to the Universe when we really mean it and put the emotion behind it that it deserves.

So why extend this phrase to ‘I Am That, I Am’?

I remember being invited to watch a screening of James Twyman’s Moses Code movie back in 2008, around the time when I was doing a lot of my own healing work before meeting my own Divine Partner. I recommend you add this movie to your watch list if you get the chance. The film introduces ‘I Am That, I Am’ as a game-changing manifestation tool because it adds a deeper dimension to the ‘I Am’ concept. 

Why? Because it’s an assertion of Oneness. That’s the game-changer.

I Am The Divine – All Is One And One Is All. You can think of Oneness as an awareness of unity with Source. You could express the feeling of Oneness as the reverent knowing of our shared Divine essence running through absolutely everything that exists. Everything.

And when you understand what this means for manifesting you’ll see why I’m guiding you to work with these five little words, despite the fact that I’m not personally drawn to their biblical connotations (which we don’t actually need to be concerned with, unless the bible means something to us).

When we affirm that our reality is woven together by Oneness, we acknowledge that everything and everyone is an expression of the Divine. This includes we, ourselves – we remember that we are simply individuated expressions of the whole. We see through the ‘illusion of separation’ that you may often hear lightworkers and spiritual folk talking about. Side note – it’s a useful illusion; the reason this reality is separate is so that we can each experience our individual, unique perspective and embrace the valuable gifts and complexities of relating and relationships. But it is ‘illusion’ nonetheless –  a paradox we’re challenged to grasp.

And when we stop seeing what we desire as separate from us, because it is truly part of us, we become supercharged receivers

Noticing that we can apply ‘I Am That, I Am’ to everything we wish to attract or create means that these ‘things’ – emotional states, material items or ways of being – are simply unique expressions of Oneness; other individuated parts of the whole. We feel more connected to them because we therefore resonate more completely with them. It’s easier to draw them closer to us. We receive them with less resistance because we connect with their Divinity. We understand that this essence of ‘All That Is’ is the very same Divinity that we recognise within ourselves. 

The result is that we can claim whatever we desire as a radical act of Divine Sovereignty

If we use the ‘like attracts like’ principle and we believe that we attract what we vibrationally match, once we recognise everything and everyone around us is essentially the same as us on this level, it’s simply a matter of deciding to manifest whatever we choose or prefer because vibrational matching is based on this wonderful recognition of Divinity. In truth, nothing we desire lies beyond our grasp as long as we can acknowledge it as Divine and thus really believe – really wholeheartedly and fully believe – that it is a match for us.

So what does this have to do with relationships and Divine Union?


When we explore the behaviours, feelings and states of being characteristic of a Divine Union relationship and feel the burning desire for that connection, we eventually know and understand that what we’re really seeking is an experience of the Oneness we crave.

It is the Oneness that calls us.

It is the Oneness that motivates us.

It is the Oneness that reminds us of who we really are and the path in this life that our Soul has chosen as a Twin Flame or Soulmate. 

We know that Oneness is what we’re made of. We know it’s where we belong.

We recognise Oneness in our Divine Partner, and it’s as if we’re looking at ourselves in a mirror. It’s my Twin Flame or my Soulmate – He is Me, I am Him. She is Me, I am Her. They are Me, I am Them. Our Divine Union is written in the Stars because we share the same Cosmic essence.

I AM THAT, I AM. It’s truly an affirmation of Awakening.

The promise of Oneness is what makes a Divine Union relationship irresistible, purpose-led and literally ‘everything we ever dreamed of’. On the ascension path, the ultimate soul driver is the promise that we will come home’ to Source.

By working with ‘I Am That I Am’ when we desire to manifest a spiritual relationship we can elevate our emotional frequency by awakening to Oneness. We can boost our receptivity by anchoring to the Divinity that we seek in our connections. We can affirm what that Divinity will look like by calling in, recognising and embodying the feelings and behaviours that we know and feel to be truly Divine.

If you’d like to use the words I channeled for my Violet Flame healing video in your own meditation practice or daily routine, keep reading…


“May the Violet Flame of Transmutation clear and rebalance any energies or distortions that have prevented unconditional love showing up in my life. I receive unconditional love. For I Am That, I Am.

May I build my Divine Union relationship based on magnificent abundance, deep security and unquestioning commitment. For I Am That, I Am.

May I nurture and be nurtured, create and receive my Divine Union relationship knowing that the pleasure of unconditional love is my entitlement and my sacred birthright. For I Am That, I Am.

May I take joyful action steps towards my Divine Union relationship with graceful confidence, unwavering courage and may I expect only the highest outcomes in love. For I Am That, I Am.

May I manifest my Divine Union relationship filled with the beauty of trust, the vulnerability of sharing, sacred intimacy and childlike laughter. For I Am That, I Am.

May I express the essence of who I am through my Divine Union relationship, shamelessly and gratefully, humbled by perfect, heartfelt acceptance. For I Am That, I Am.

May I be shown the blissful truth and limitless potential in my Divine Union relationship and access my highest spiritual timeline in love with simplicity and crystalline clarity. For I Am That, I Am.

May I surrender to my mission as an emissary and vessel for the unconditional love of source through Divine Union and access the healing, vitality and inspiration that awakens who I really am. For I Am That, I Am.

I allow myself to embody and experience unconditional love. I allow myself to manifest my Divine Union. For I Am That, I Am.

I am the Violet Fire. I am the Violet Fire. I am the Violet Fire. For I Am That, I Am.”


There’s also a caveat I really want to point out right now because recognising Divinity in another person requires honesty, clarity and noticing whether they, THEMSELVES, are embodying the Divine.

A key lesson in this ‘separation’ reality is that we are challenged to learn about the concept of Co-Creation. 

Remember that simply recognising the Divinity in another person doesn’t always mean, in this individuated reality, that they’ve recognised the Divinity in you. 

It also doesn’t mean that we can spiritually bypass bad behaviour, dishonour or any kind of abuse by only looking at the Divinity of a specific person and ignoring the rest. It all needs to match up.

Divine Union relationships always require Free Will Co-Creation, with each partner vibrationally matching the Divine frequency of Unconditional Love through conscious choice. Thought, word and deed.

Each partner must embody ‘home’ in order to facilitate the ‘homecoming’ we seek in a spiritual relationship.

It’s your work on YOU, not your work on them, that manifests the love you desire. 

See you soon.


Rhian xoxo



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