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Hey, I’m Rhian…

Your Divine Love Alchemist + Soul Expansion Guide

I’ve been helping people manifest love + bliss in their lives since 2007 with my intuitive guidance, healing work, psychotherapeutic insight, spiritual teachings + quantum activations.

I’ve learned how to heal from the past + balance the vital ingredients that manifest lasting loving sacred relationships, soulmate connections + Divine Union.

My clients heal from feeling paralysed by the past, yearning for more love or struggling with disconnection or self-doubt to fully embracing their manifesting power, welcoming their soulmates + twin flames + stepping into Divine Union.

In the past I worked on Sky’s Psychic & Soul TV as one of the UK’s leading spiritual consultants specialising in love, relationships + the soul’s journey.

I have the unique asset of a solid professional background as a Psychodynamic Sex + Relationship Therapist combined with 20+ years experience in holistic healing, energy + body work.

Divination, Reiki, Seichem, Kundalini, Crystal Healing, Tantra, Meditation, Mindfulness, Breath Work, Regression, Healing Touch, Metaphysics, Journeying, Sacred Sound, Ritual – I have studied so many passions that I love to share to support you in your sacred relationship journey.

I’m the mentor for you if you’re a highly sensitive, empathic soul or spiritual seeker who’s passionate about manifesting the relationship bliss you desire.

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