It’s time I posted an update to let you know what’s been on my mind since Coronavirus started to impact the UK.

You may be one of many people like myself advised to self-isolate and make adjustments to our way of life so you’ll understand where my attention has been over the last few weeks and why I’ve retreated to find my centre so that I can weather this particular storm as best I can.

I closed my face to face Sex and Relationship Therapy clinic about a week or so before the UK Government started recommending social distancing because I’d foreseen what lay ahead and assessed the risks.

I’ve spent the last fortnight preparing so that right now I’d be in the position to surrender –  peacefully – to a new way of being. I gathered the resources around me to be able to focus on my writing, my online business, my wellbeing and, of course, to support my immune system. I acknowledge that I have been lucky enough to have the capacity to prepare and I am grateful.

For a while I needed what I can only describe as ‘Noble Silence’ so I honoured that space.

When I tuned into what I am supposed to create during this bizarre ‘Coronavirus reality’ I received loud and clear that championing love and emotional healing means showing up with my work through these uncertain times, when it feels right to do so.

I’m working on a new menu of affordable, supportive, sensitive, uplifting and ethical offerings for those of you who connect with me and I’ll be active in the Manifest Twin Flame Union Facebook group and posting on YouTube when I create something I’d like to share. 

Now let’s move onto what I want to share today…channeled from an aspect of myself that usually resides in a Galaxy far, far away.

Immunity – Emotions, Resistance, Resilience And Anchoring To You, Eternally

We know as holistic healers that immunity has two key constituent parts – resistance and resilience. 

At this time I believe it’s important that we each work with these aspects of ourselves and allow the ripple effect to permeate our lives fully. We can help and positively impact others by lovingly infusing light-codes of immunity into our thoughts, words and actions.

As a Soul on the Ascension path, a Twin Flame in Union and as ME – with my own unique purpose and mission – I know that how I choose to navigate this time is vital for how my experience unfolds.

Let’s look at what this means.

Resistance can be thought of as the capacity to be boundaried, impenetrable and unwilling to attune to or assimilate unhelpful vibrational frequencies. 

In its most positive, Sacred Masculine, aspect, resistance means aligning emotionally with clarity and strength, taking an unwavering focus on the reality we choose to experience. 

It’s difficult, however, to harness resistance right now:

  • when our attention is drawn towards what we don’t desire (rather than what we do);
  • when we’re energetically depleted or tired because it takes a huge amount of emotional energy to maintain a defensive state;
  • when fear rises up and feeds unhelpful anxious thought patterns based on the risks we face;
  • when we believe that we’re unsafe because a threat seems inevitable or unavoidable…

There’s also the risk that when resistance distorts we can sink into ignorance, selfishness or become blinkered and unwilling to learn and grow from our experiences when resistance is our sole focus. Our fear leads us to disconnect, shut down, stop listening sensitively and deny the value of our vulnerability. Perhaps we can’t even see how we’ve contributed to the reality we’re experiencing and we attribute blame to others. The behaviour that results is an expression of Toxic Masculinity and it won’t help the situation we’re experiencing.

I’ve observed that the alarming respiratory symptoms of the Coronavirus would holistically correlate with the release of intense accumulated fear, grief and unexpressed emotion. 

I feel the Collective overwhelmed during this pandemic by this vibration and I notice that the impact of social isolation, separation from friends, colleagues and loved ones has the potential to further stifle or distort self-expression if we do not take heed. 

Perhaps this reflects what our beautiful, beloved Gaia has been experiencing. She has been host to an increasingly imbalanced human race and has been doing Her very best to transmute our discordance so that She can fulfil her mission to sustain life on this blue planet.

So how can we Healers, Empaths, Starseeds and Lightworkers build the kind of higher frequency Sacred RESISTANCE that can support us through these uncertain times? Everything is a reflection and the restoration of harmony starts with each of us, individually.

This is what I will embody…

Clarity – I will vision and focus fully upon the reality I choose and take whatever steps I can to embody it right now. Despite self-isolation and social distancing, I know how I desire to feel and I’ll find creative ways to elicit those feelings in ways that are possible for me, wherever I may be.

Strength – I believe in my purpose and mission so deeply that I decide to self-actualise no matter what. I trust my inner spiritual resource to support me and I embrace my vulnerability so that I remain authentically connected to Soul, to Self, to Others. I understand the paradox that isolation and distance is an act of Love during these challenging times – I remain fully expressed with compassion as my compass and truth as my guide. 

Resilience can be thought of as our capacity to consistently bounce back, restore harmony and recover from a challenge or crisis.

In its most positive, Sacred Feminine, aspect, resilience means a consistent emotional alignment with transcendence and trust, remembering that we can be flexible because we are always connected to an infinite source of power.

It’s difficult, however to remain resilient right now:

  • when there’s an onslaught of stress that feels like it just doesn’t stop coming;
  • when faced with shock, trauma or unexpected change and hardship in our lives;
  • when we observe suffering in others or in our communities and we feel powerless to help;
  • when we notice that key resources are depleting – food, healthcare or money are running into short supply;

There’s also the risk that we can sink into denial or dissociation. It’s easy to forget that we need to pace and nurture ourselves in order to thrive. It’s also tempting to become a martyr, taking on more than we can cope with or ignoring our intuition about what’s right for us when we try to force resilience by discounting ourselves. The behaviour that results is an expression of Toxic Femininity and it’s totally counter-productive.

I’ve observed that the high fever associated with Coronavirus would holistically correlate with the fight to restore homeostasis and balance that takes place when we literally cannot take any more disharmony and toxicity and it feels like parts of us are beginning to shut down. 

I notice the Collective ‘hysterically’ fighting for survival to the point of exhaustion, panic-buying and stock-piling and I’ve observed that resilience is being worn down as the days and weeks go by, despite the possibility that in terms of the spread of this pandemic, we may only be at the beginning.

Is this an extreme manifestation of an underlying energy that’s been eroding our resilience for some time? Politics has divided the people on both sides of the Atlantic, the chasm between rich and poor has become wider and our focus on commercialism and materialism has been driven by a ‘survival of the hottest and fittest’ mentality rather than the natural desire to expand and thrive gently, in ways that support a greater good.

Perhaps it’s possible to see how this is also reflected in Gaia’s responses if we consider the extreme weather, forest fires and unexpected volcanic activity that’s occurred on this planet over the last six to twelve months. Have all these dramatic natural disasters been Her way of fighting back against the continual onslaught of electromagnetic and chemical pollution She’s been bombarded with?

So how can we Healers, Empaths, Starseeds and Lightworkers build the kind of higher frequency Sacred RESILIENCE that can support us through these uncertain times? Once again, remember that everything is a reflection and the restoration of harmony starts with each of us, individually.

This is what I will embody…

Transcendence – I will remain optimistic and connected to my creative capacity because I choose to anchor to the magnificent Eternal Being within me. I honour who and what I am; I remain compassionately connected to what I need in each moment. Mindfulness and Gratitude are my version of ‘Grit’. I am a Victor and I will empower myself with the tools and skills to rise.

Trust – I will persistently focus on mental, physical and spiritual well-being, knowing that the elimination of stress is a bi-product of my well-being and that there is no need to feed the source of the stress, itself. As I focus on what I can nurture and control, I remember how powerful I truly am and I remain present with whatever exists in my reality. I know that ‘All Things Shall Pass’ and that this is as inevitable as the cycles of the Seasons or the ebb and flow of the tide.

Finally, I want to remind us all to anchor to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead for our lives, businesses and relationships when we choose to surrender and flow with the winds of change. 

This time may feel extreme, but it does not have to be any different to any other challenge we may face. If we make it different by becoming defensive, withdrawn and regressing into our wounding then we might just miss the opportunity it presents us.

I will choose to learn, grow and expand abundantly. Meditate, reflect, journal, learn, create.

I will acknowledge, value and express every need and every emotion. Laugh, cry, talk, share, nourish and heal mind, body and soul.

I will turn my head towards optimism, appreciation, gratitude. Focus on creativity, solutions, success…and joyfully count my blessings while valuing the contribution that everyone around me makes.

I will make connection, compassion and unconditional love the basis of every choice I make. Care for self and others, balance giving and receiving, act safely, responsibly and mindfully remembering that I am a valuable part of the whole.

I am here to be me and I will do what I am here to do. I will Anchor to who I Am, Eternally.

I will show up for myself, for my loved ones and I will show up for you. We are all worthy and we are all enough – let’s keep showing up with our healing, support and love.

Stay peaceful, stay home if you can. Eat well, sleep well, boost your immunity, be a shining example and love yourselves and each other in every way – mind, body and soul.

Reach out if you need to and I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love and thank you for supporting me

Rhian xoxo

I’m working on a new menu of affordable, supportive, sensitive, uplifting and ethical offerings for those of you who connect with me and I’ll be active in the Manifest Twin Flame Union Facebook group and posting on YouTube when I create something I’d like to share. 



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