In this article I share my take on how this week’s energy affects our journey of healing and love, especially for Twin Flames and Soulmates on the path of Divine Union. Enjoy this Vedic Love Astrology forecast for the New Moon and the fortnight ahead.

The first New Moon of 2021 – January 13th 5am UK – is upon us, bringing an inevitable moment of pause and reflection so that we can reaffirm and commit to our deepest, heartfelt desires in love and relationships.

I sense the energy builds three days prior to and subsides three days after each New or Full Moon, so this is the subtle magic that we can attune to for the week ahead. 

Why the interest in the Moon?

I study the chart of each New and Full Moon to consider the flavour of the moment and understand the themes that we may be working with for the waxing or waning period of the lunar cycle ahead.

This lunar approach to astrology resonates with our focus on love and ascension because the Moon is a karmic transmitter, representing our deep, vulnerable emotions, our acute sensitivity. It connects with what’s going on deep in the mind and Heart. 

A New Moon chart is a snapshot of the beginning of a cycle, a start point for manifestation, the potential for what’s building, the foundation of what’s to come.

A Full Moon chart, on the other hand is a snapshot of full expansion, an indicator of what we may receive and how we may receive it as well as what is amplified when the energy reaches a peak.

And of course after this peak, the Moon’s energy wanes so the chart offers clues about how we might engage with the nature of this contraction and what we may expect to experience.

We can check in with the Moon and the planetary transits at any time during the lunar cycle to stay connected and in sync with the flow of karmic energy and emotion – the Cosmos is always in motion.

Interpretations in Vedic Astrology involve the influences of 27 fixed stars (nakshatras) which nuance the planetary energies that present in the chart. You’ll see that I reference these stars in my articles and explanations.

New Moon in Uttarashada nakshatra

This particular New Moon, in the Vedic star of Uttarashada, urges us to remember how we’ve previously aligned ourselves with the frequencies of Divine Union like joy, pleasure and success so many times, in so many ways. 

The energy is focused in Saggitarius, the 9th house of the natural zodiac, and we may find ourselves hearing the call of our ancestors and our spiritual lineage will support us on so many levels to step into the magic of our birthright as Twin Flames and Soulmates, Starseeds, Wisdom Keepers, Sensitives – whatever resonates for you.

When we enjoy this kind of remembering, we also recall that manifesting the love and life we desire is easy and inevitable –  a super healthy affirmation.

We are all wise souls with the opportunity to learn from the past. We can draw upon the deep knowing that we’ve accumulated through our past incarnations to help us manifest our highest destiny in our current life.

The New Moon guides us to transcend the obvious this week.

We must recall that we’re invincible – our core essence as Sovereign beings truly means that we cannot lose, no matter how things in our lives and relationships appear to unfold.

This intense, still, dark energy always invites us to pause, go within and introspect. It’s worth considering how we might choose to pivot so that we drive ourselves in the right direction this year like unstoppable spiritual warriors.

And when the time is right we’ll be ready to take action.

Without pausing to reflect on how we can be more skilfully aligned with our desires, we’d continue struggling against the tide, wondering why we’re not manifesting the experience of love that we seek.

Energies over the next few days will support us to rediscover and celebrate the visionary aspect of ourselves who is bold, brave and self determined. This is the version of you who will conquer 2021, no matter what comes your way!

Connect with this aspect of yourself and own it. How willing are you to lean into the limitless nature of your talents and gifts so that you can make the necessary internal shifts that will help you flow gracefully towards the love that’s meant for you? 

Release illusion

Uttarashada is also connected with the tusk of Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity who removes all obstacles.

This New Moon will be potent and supportive for those of us who are called to transmute mental and emotional blocks. We must challenge our own self-created illusions and vow to no longer stand in the way of our own destiny.

When you’ve drawn upon your unique, transcendent wisdom, surrendered to your own natural brilliance and affirmed an unwavering commitment to yourself, love and life will align in your favour. 

Ground yourself and dive right into the inner work of transmutation because the rewards when we engage in ongoing shadow work are huge. Call upon the support of Ganesha and infuse your Free Will with Divine Will – we cannot fail when our desires are an authentic expression of Divine.

Dig deep to embrace change

Other aspects of the Moon’s chart suggest that we may be presented with a theme of processing and releasing endings during the waxing Moon phase. Ketu in the 12th house of Scorpio with Jyestha may bring angsty emotions but will also reveal deep spiritual truths of self knowledge when we are courageous enough to release the insecure lies we tell ourselves that we’ve been abandoned or judged as unworthy, so allow yourself to accept the hidden gain or blessing in every loss

The flavour of each loss or ending very much depends upon our chosen perception and it’s worth remembering that this is something we have the power to transform, as if by magic.

Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury in the 2nd house of self esteem bring powerful downloads for us around self worth that stem from greater understanding of patterns we’ve carried forward from childhood.

With both Jupiter and Mercury in Shravana, a nakshatra that’s ruled by the Moon, we are called to listen carefully to our inner selves. We must pay particular attention to our self-talk and how it impacts the way we engage in relationships.

Saturn, like the Moon, is in Uttarashada, and can be quite a hard task master. If we’re not doing the work or taking notice of the signs, Saturn will make sure something grabs our attention, so don’t be surprised if you receive a ‘wake up call’.

We may finally decide that we must take action to prevent seeing the same old patterns manifesting in our reality again and again.

A very happy Mars in Aries, which is placed 5th from the Moon with Ashwini nakshatra, will help many of us win the battles we have been fighting against ourselves.

It feels like a healing and an almost instantaneous liberation when we decide to own who we truly choose to be, and decide that we are no longer just products of our past wounding.

As adults we develop our own moral compass and have the right to claim our worth as loveable, valuable beings who rightfully belong in this World. This realisation may have been a long time coming for some of us!

We must understand, accept and integrate the stories of the past in order to move beyond victimhood and choose new relationship behaviours that serve us once we have awakened to the Soul lessons that our past has shown us.

The good news is that we have the potential to become clearer and more determined about manifesting the love we choose over the next two weeks. Changes we make now will stick – this feels like an important window of opportunity for us all.

Tap into grounding energies from Mother Earth, breathing practices, crystals or anything else that supports you – we must anchor securely to what we know is right and true, allowing anything else to crumble away.

The Moon’s position between the Sun and Venus in Moola nakshatra in the 1st house of embodiment suggests that it will feel good to balance the polarities within gently so that we can see the results of our hard work show up in our lives in very tangible ways.

The Divine Feminine is strong in this chart. While the message is about going right to the core of the issues we face, self love and emotional awareness is always the best foundation for personal change so don’t be tempted to berate yourself and choose your own pace. Treat yourself how you truly love and wish to be treated – with honour and nurture.

I see a fortnight ahead filled with the potential for personal growth as the Moon energy builds in the waxing phase. This isn’t a promise that the journey of love will be a walk in the park. It will also be tempting for us to become distracted about aspects of our reality that we have very little control over – watch out for that pitfall and come back to you.

But when we approach ourselves mindfully, with a touch of awe and wonder, we know that we’re exactly where we need to be.

Enjoy the New Moon, lovelies!

Thank you for supporting me and Namaste

Rhian xo

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