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 What’s The Orgasmic Abundance System all about?

I am going to teach you how to channel + harness your orgasmic energy as a FEMININE MANIFESTING PRACTICE.

You are a master manifesting machine + your ORGASM is the fuel that powers the wheels + cogs. 

You can use this sexy, ancient secret to attract a loving partner or apply the principles to manifest wealth, business success or anything you’ve always desired! Yes, it works!

This program for WOMEN ONLY is about creating true abundance with the power of pure Love – Orgasmic Alchemy.

You’ll be tapping into your heart + soul’s true desires + intentionally manifesting your own – super sexy – reality.


You’ll manifest more pleasure, magnetic confidence, body positivity, radical self love + a powerful vibrational upgrade.

Your orgasmic energy is RAW, CREATIVE LIFE FORCE + we’re going to unleash this magic, full throttle!

I’ll show you step by step how to do this thing even if you’ve got no idea how to work with energy, you’ve always given up with Law Of Attraction or believe your past has stopped you feeling worthy, magnetic or sexy enough to have what you desire.

Is this program for you?

The Orgasmic Abundance System is for you if:

You’re ready to receive love + create true abundance in your life.

You’re ready to master manifesting + rise above whatever holds you back.

You’re ready to unleash your feminine energy, your sensuality + your profound inner power.

You’re ready to expand your consciousness to become more of who you truly are.

You’re ready for more self love, self care + inner work.

You’d love to learn all the juicy details of orgasmic manifesting.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a spiritual master, feel sexy 24/7 or spend hours every day meditating because I’m going to show you how to become a vibrational match for the love + life you desire!

I’ll guide you through the self awareness, self healing, breath + energy work, magical principles + all the self love + sexy self pleasure stuff you need to know to become a manifesting maven who creates her own reality straight from her heart + soul.

There is so much gold in this program. Here are the key benefits of learning how to manifest using your orgasmic energy:

 You’ll dive deep into a magical quantum manifesting toolkit packed with Divine Feminine sacred sexual secrets so that you can manifest the love relationship that’s perfect for you (+ anything else you dream of!)

 You’ll learn how to tap into + vision your highest, soul-inspired desires to consciously choose what to manifest on your own terms.

 You’ll see that manifesting can be spiritually aligned with your core values.

 You’ll claim a sense of righteous entitlement to joy + abundance.

 You’ll find freedom from the guilt + shame that feeds self-sabotage.

 You’ll heal your mind + body to become a more energised, awakened, receptive, super-charged feminine manifestor.

 You’ll glow with confidence, sensuality, body love + radical self acceptance.

 You’ll gift yourself passionately with whatever makes your heart sing.

 You’ll discover a modern take on the forgotten, ancient temple teachings of pure bliss.

 You’ll start to see your sensuality as a precious gift with a spiritual purpose.

 You’ll take wild, inspired action towards the reality you choose + keep coming back to manifest more + more.

When you journey into the limitless space of quantum creativity using my methods + you’ll see the love + abundance pour into your life with a sense of awe + gratitude. 

You’ll feel totally ready to take action + manifest the kind of relationship, success + life you truly desire.

What do I know about manifesting & orgasmic energy?

As a professionally trained Sex & Relationship Therapist + a graduate of The Urban Tantra Professional Program I’ve helped thousands of people develop a deeper connection with their beautiful bodies, explore self pleasure + claim their sexual selves.

My own Divine Feminine path led me to study Kundalini, Neo-Tantra, Taoist Alchemy + Sex Magic so I’ve combined everything I know with my passion for quantum energy work, emotional healing, Law Of Attraction + inspired action-taking to create this unique quantum manifesting program.

You won’t find this level of detail, this much sacred sexual sensitivity or this combination of techniques for orgasmic manifesting anywhere else on the internet.

I’ve taught this program in live + self-study formats, always with phenomenal results. The program has been designed so that you can apply the method to manifest a loving relationship…or any form of abundance you choose. 

The first group of women who learned this method from me focused on generating wealth + collectively manifested over a million dollars in just 8 weeks. Other wins included manifesting Divine Partners, better relationships, trips abroad, business ideas + opportunities, property sales + material items like jewellery, MacBooks + new cars.

But the most important + rewarding thing for me as the creator of this program is to witness the newfound confidence, creativity, joy + personal power that radiates from the women who take this course. The impact of orgasmic energy on how they show up to create results in their lives, relationships + businesses feels like pure magic.

When we connect with the forms of love, wealth or success that flow from our highest excitement + match that frequency, we become limitless. We finally step into purpose + mission so that we can enjoy, experience + share the many forms of abundance with the people whose lives we touch each day.

To me, true wealth is a consistent feeling of gratitude + bliss, not just a big bank balance. Life should be orgasmic – I’m a firm believer that we can have it all when we decide to be who we truly are.

Once you integrate everything I teach in The Orgasmic Abundance System I know you’ll find a more magnetic, more self expressed, more blissful version of yourself than you ever thought was possible even if you’ve had a difficult sexual past + never thought of yourself as sensual, sexy or powerful.

I’m excited to share this orgasmic transformation with you.

Goddess, your healing, inspiration + creative power awaits – let’s see how high you’ll rise!

Love Rhian xoxo

Your Divine Love Alchemist

This is what happens when I teach women to love themselves!

 The Orgasmic Abundance System

Program Content

Access a mix of beautifully created video, audio + downloadable content that you can enjoy at your own pace.

✓ Master my unique orgasmic manifesting process.

✓ Build your own intimate, personalised self pleasure ritual.

✓ Take loving ownership of your feminine healing.

✓ Quantum leap into a loveable, self-expressed version of yourself who knows exactly how to manifest unconditional love + the reality she desires.

Plus you’ll receive 4 juicy bonuses:

✓ My Feminine Healing Guide that covers holistic methods for intimate self-care.

✓ My Ebook ‘Manifest The One – Quantum Magnetise Love With The Divine Partner Aligned With Who You Truly Are’.

✓ Access to a monthly Live Call with me to keep your energy high + your process on track!

 Breathe your desires to life with my magical ChakraGasmic Ecstatic Breath Activation recorded with 432hz healing frequencies + binaural beats.

The program combines an alchemical mix of psychological, psychosexual + spiritual techniques, embodied self pleasure + vitality practices, energy, sound + breath work + magical teachings.

Step 1 | Your Magnificent Divine Potential

✓ Learn what sexual energy has to do with manifesting.

✓ Understand your Divine Feminine potential as a sacred sexual manifestor.

✓ Learn how to create soul-aligned goals charged with excitement + passion.

✓ Begin to connect with yourself through an easy self pleasure ritual that will become the foundation of your orgasmic manifesting practice. You’ll build on this ritual as you complete each step of the program until you master the full process of Orgasmic Alchemy.

Step 2 | Claim Your Crown + Receive

✓ Understand why manifesting the highest results requires you to be fully receptive.

✓ Learn how to activate yourself through daily embodied vitality rituals that help you become wide open to receive.

✓ Enjoy a nourishing guided visualisation recorded in 432hz healing frequencies designed to increase your receptivity through unleashing the flow of your sensual, feminine energy.

Step 3 | Goddess You Know You're Worth It

 Explore how your past has impacted your feminine self worth + consider whether your mind + body may be holding onto guilt, shame or trauma that limit your pleasure + your manifesting potential.

 Understand how your past, present + future versions of self are interconnected + how an ancient Hermetic secret can transform the way you create results in love + life.

✓ Learn how to create + intentionally empower affirmations that feel authentic + really stick.

Step 4 | Sex On The Brain

✓ Understand how sexual pleasure impacts your brain waves + brain chemistry + how this is connected to your power as a manifestor.

✓ Learn how to check in with your soul + adjust your alignment so that you remain on the trajectory of your highest desires.

✓ Enjoy a powerful, enlivening guided, embodied journey recorded in 432hz healing frequencies to awaken + activate the primal force of your Kundalini Fire.

Step 5 | Healing The Feminine

✓ Discover how the Sacral Chakra + womb store painful or traumatic memories just like a brain + understand the physical + emotional symptoms that can occur as a result.

✓ Access a simple yet powerful guided healing session recorded in 432hz healing frequencies to begin to clear + balance your feminine energy centre.

✓ Learn what could be causing any blocks you’re experiencing to orgasmic pleasure + discover how you can begin to help yourself work through them.

Step 6 | Pleasure 101 - Create Heaven On Earth

✓ Explore the concept of extended, expanded pleasure + why it’s important for orgasmic manifesting as it catapults you into the limitless Quantum space of creation.

✓ Learn about 4 different types of female orgasm so that you can begin to delight yourself with the huge range of bliss sensations available to you.

✓ Supercharge your self pleasure ritual with the juicy tips + tricks I share in this part of the program.


Step 7 | Orgasmic Magic

✓ Learn how to use Sigil Magic + Sacred Geometry to encode your ‘cosmic orders’, make requests to your own sovereign soul + boost your Quantum connection.

Step 8 | Orgasmic Alchemy Ritual

✓ Learn the full, sexually charged, Orgasmic Alchemy process for manifesting + understand how this works.

 Put everything you’ve learned in the program together to create your own personal orgasmic manifesting ritual with the help of a simple summary of exactly what you need to do.

3 Juicy Bonuses!

I believe you deserve all the things, so check out the three juicy bonuses you’ll get too!

BONUS #1 | Yoni Healing Guide

✓ Explore Divine Feminine healing using Intimate Massage, Sexual Reflexology, Yoni Eggs + Yoni Steaming in my beautifully designed BONUS downloadable healing guide.

BONUS #2 | Manifest The One Ebook

✓ Receive a copy of my book ‘Manifest The One’ which teaches you how to apply the principles of Law Of Attraction consciously to manifest love with a Divine Partner who’s perfect for you.

BONUS #3| VIP Live Call Eligibility

✓ When you purchase the program you’re eligible to join my monthly VIP live calls which involve Q&A, distance sound + energy healing, mini-teachings or breath work.

BONUS #1 | Yoni Healing Guide

✓ Explore Divine Feminine healing using Intimate Massage, Sexual Reflexology, Yoni Eggs + Yoni Steaming in my beautifully designed BONUS downloadable healing guide.

BONUS #2 | Manifest The One Ebook

✓ Receive a copy of my book ‘Manifest The One’ which teaches you how to apply the principles of Law Of Attraction consciously to manifest love with a Divine Partner who’s perfect for you.

BONUS #3| VIP Live Call Eligibility

✓ When you purchase the program you’ll also access my live VIP program calls which involve Q&A, distance sound + energy healing, mini-teachings or breath work.

BONUS #4| ChakraGasmic Breath Activation

✓ Relax + enjoy a powerful guided ecstatic breathing journey with binaural beats + 432hz healing frequencies. Quantum activate your sexual energy to its maximum capacity  + experience your truest self as a pure soul-flow of orgasmic consciousness so that you can breathe your desires to life.

What can I manifest using this program? Love, money...other things?

 Most of my clients are spiritual people who want to manifest a loving relationship with a new or existing person as well as more success + fulfilment in their careers + lives.  You can apply these teachings to your heart’s true desires – for many of us that means money + success as well as love. Desiring money + success are nothing to be ashamed of. You’re here to enjoy a real, physical life as well as embrace your spiritual side. 

If it’s a loving relationship you desire then the bonus EBook ‘Manifest The One’ is going to be really helpful for you.

However you can apply the principles in the program to anything you choose to manifest – material items, successful situations, opportunities or circumstances.

How is the program delivered + supported?

The program is delivered via a mix of video, audio + downloadable PDF guides. It’s predominantly a self-study program but you’ll be able to join my monthly VIP Live Calls which involve Q&A, distance sound + energy healing, mini-teachings or breath work.

What if I have sexual trauma or sexual problems?

If you’ve had a difficult past, there is material in the program that will help you.

However, I currently still offer packages of 1:1 therapeutic support for clients who have something specific to work through.

I am professionally trained as a Sex + Relationship Therapist, with an additional year’s specialist training in Psychosexual Therapy + I have lots of experience with clients with complex trauma so you will be in very safe hands with me.

You can get in touch with me via Facebook or email namaste@manifesttwinflame.com 

We can discuss what you need + agree a way forward. I offer special rates for clients who have already purchased my programs. 

How do I get access to the program?

You’ll get lifetime access to the program via a beautifully designed online platform that will allow you to work through each unit at your own pace + download materials at your leisure.

Is there work to do in between each unit?

Yes there’s ‘work’ to do! The program guides you towards developing a self love practice that easily fits in with your lifestyle. The more regularly you practice, the better your results. 

But we can’t really call it work – it’s all about self love + orgasmic pleasure. I believe we can all benefit from a bit more of the good stuff in our lives.

How long will it take me to complete the program?

You work through the units of this online program at your own pace. It’s up to you whether you want to focus on one unit per week or whether you’d like to work more quickly. The beauty of the self-study model is that you can go at your own pace. You can go over the program as many times as you like + you may find yourself going deeper each time if you decide to do this.

The program is broken down into manageable chunks of audio training, video training, guided audios + downloadable resources so you’ll never feel overwhelmed by the content.

What if Law Of Attraction + manifesting haven't worked for me in the past?

The method I teach in the Orgasmic Abundance System is uniquely drawn from my expertise + experience.

Most programs that offer guidance on manifesting only scratch the surface. I talk to a lot of women who have been left feeling disillusioned by programs that have promised the Earth but really only tackled ‘mindset’. Speaking out affirmations with no emotional conviction or challenging your limiting beliefs using logic can only go so far.

My method supports you to unleash your orgasmic energy + practice exactly what’s required to get on track with manifesting your desires. I show you how to inject passion, feeling + motivation into your manifesting practices. I also show you how to get really soul-aligned with your goals + desires. Other techniques in the program, like healing + breathwork, help you rewire your body + mind so that you can become a master manifestor.

Is this program for single or partnered women?

The program is suitable for single or partnered women of all sexual orientations.

Women have used the methods I teach to successfully manifest relationships, so if you’re single + manifesting your One this program is an ideal fit for you.

If you have a partner already, my methods can skyrocket your pleasure together as a couple.

Everyone is welcome!

Do you make any guarantee about what I can manifest or heal?

The program has been designed so that you can apply orgasmic manifesting methods to any form of abundance you desire, including material items, relationships or situations.

Results will vary in accordance with your capacity to take action, your commitment to personal development, your individual circumstances + the amount of time + energy you dedicate to your process. I therefore cannot offer any guarantee or warranty + hold no liability for your results.

I offer no medical advice, give no diagnoses + always recommend that you visit a medically qualified doctor if you are concerned about your well-being. The material in the programs I offer is based on my own personal experience + opinion. 

Do you offer refunds?

This is an online program + you receive access to all the materials straight away. All sales are therefore final + no refunds are offered.

Having supported + served so many happy, satisfied women in all kinds of learning programs over the years, I’m confident this program will exceed your expectations.

More Client Love

If any of you are wondering whether or not you need Rhian’s loving guidance in your life – you completely do!! RIGHT NOW!

I’m currently wrapping up her self love program + it has made my current situation SO MUCH NICER.

I am, right now, the living embodiment of feeling the fear & doing it anyway in a HUGE portion of my life –  I thank Rhian for the inner platinum fearlessness that I’ve been experiencing since I was introduced to her.

What a gift she is to the world, I am SO grateful I found her.

Jenny Ambrose

Design Scientist

Rhian is a wonderfully warm + supportive soul.

Her knowledge is vast + is delivered in a warm caring + very down to earth way. A pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for holding a space for me to explore what I needed as I enter my “crone” phase of life.

Sally Arthurs

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

I met Rhian online when I was at a very low point in my life + needed some guidance. I enrolled on her 21 day self love program which I felt the benefits from in the first week.

Rhian has taught me how to love myself again + now I have my zest for life back.

She is a natural teacher with so much to give to others, to help them along on their journey. It has been such a pleasure learning from this lady + I could never thank her enough for being there at my time of need.

Tarah Jones

Network Marketer

Rhian offers wonderful courses + workshops full of information to help you along your journey, she’s always available to answer questions + nothing is too much trouble.

She is the most amazing teacher + pure light filled soul. 

Charlotte Harrison

Equestrian + Reiki Healer

Rhian has such a large array of knowledge + experience in so many different areas including Reiki, Crystals, Counselling, Mindset Mentoring + Holistic Healing.

Most importantly I feel she really walks the walk in what she offers + does not just talk the talk so to speak as she delivers in abundance + authenticity.

I really cannot recommend working Rhian enough + am excited to continue my self development journey with Rhian.

Victoria Powell

Author + Mindset Mentor

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