In 2021 I’m offering a very limited opportunity for you to gain counsel + guidance through intuitive Tarot + Oracle sessions with me.

The cards offer us a magical lens for exploring the psyche + tapping into the Akashic field to gain insight into your highest potential for healing, love + abundance. These consultations are not about predictions because you are a powerful manifestor – they are intended to help you navigate your Divine path + follow your joy by co-participating with the Universe. 

Any special offers are announced via my email updates or my free Facebook community so make sure you’re signed up.

When my schedule is open you’ll be able to book below.

I’m excited to explore with you.

Love Rhian xoxo

Your Divine Love Alchemist


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Please only buy a reading if you have a genuine past or present relationship connection to a specific person or you want guidance about your own personal journey of healing, ascension + love. Please also note that I’m not able to answer questions after your session or spread. The information comes through in the way I’m guided to deliver it.

If any of you are wondering whether or not you need Rhian’s loving guidance in your life – you completely do!! RIGHT NOW!

I’m currently wrapping up her self love program + it has made my current situation SO MUCH NICER.

I am, right now, the living embodiment of feeling the fear & doing it anyway in a HUGE portion of my life –  I thank Rhian for the inner platinum fearlessness that I’ve been experiencing since I was introduced to her.

What a gift she is to the world, I am SO grateful I found her.

Jenny Ambrose

Design Scientist

Rhian is a wonderfully warm + supportive soul.

Her knowledge is vast + is delivered in a warm caring + very down to earth way. A pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for holding a space for me to explore what I needed as I enter my “crone” phase of life.

Sally Arthurs

Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

I met Rhian online when I was at a very low point in my life + needed some guidance. I enrolled on her 21 day self love program which I felt the benefits from in the first week.

Rhian has taught me how to love myself again + now I have my zest for life back.

She is a natural teacher with so much to give to others, to help them along on their journey. It has been such a pleasure learning from this lady + I could never thank her enough for being there at my time of need.

Tarah Jones

Network Marketer

Rhian offers wonderful courses + workshops full of information to help you along your journey, she’s always available to answer questions + nothing is too much trouble.

She is the most amazing teacher + pure light filled soul. 

Charlotte Harrison

Equestrian + Reiki Healer

Rhian has such a large array of knowledge + experience in so many different areas including Reiki, Crystals, Counselling, Mindset Mentoring + Holistic Healing.

Most importantly I feel she really walks the walk in what she offers + does not just talk the talk so to speak as she delivers in abundance + authenticity.

I really cannot recommend working Rhian enough + am excited to continue my self development journey with Rhian.

Victoria Powell

Author + Mindset Mentor

*Disclaimer ~ All Intuitive Tarot + Oracle Consultations are delivered with the highest intentions + in line with my personal beliefs. As with all psychic/intuitive work, the cards are interpreted for entertainment purposes only. You are always responsible for your own decisions + if you are concerned about your health or wellbeing it’s advised to consult a medically trained physician. All purchases are final + non-refundable. You agree to these terms + conditions upon purchase.

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